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Shed building plans

Shed Woodworking Plans

Build Your Own Shed

Build this little, all-purpose pole-frame building as your shed, garage, tractor shelter, workshop or backyard studio.

It has a parking area for a car, small truck or yard tractor, an extra area for a workshop and tools, and a storage loft with a convenient outside door and lift post.

Exterior finishes are up to you. You can match the appearance of your home or use vertical boards and barn style details.

The construction drawings include floor plans, general specifications, exterior elevations, building sections, large scale details, dimensions and engineering standards for all framing and footings.

Shed Building Plans

Shed Woodworking Plans

Build a Barn Roof Shed

This pretty little barn-roof shed has double doors so you can drive your lawn tractor right in. It's available here in three different sizes: 12'x16', 16'x20' and 16'x24'

This design is just one of the many shed, small barn, garage and workshop plans that are included, along with free do-it-yourself building guides

Learn how to build all or part of your shed yourself. You'll save a fortune and get to say "I built it myself."

Learn how to start building sheds and all types of small buildings. The trick is to take advantage of proven plans, step by step guides and expert advice that you'll find in this plan set.

Shed Building Plans

Shed Woodworking Plans

Shed Buiding Plans

For just $29 you can download 41 shed buiding plans, this shed is one of them. Included are designs for storage sheds, mini barns, tool sheds, garden sheds, small garages, hobby shops, pool houses, cabanas, backyard studios and home offices.

You'll get blueprints for 41 different buildings, material lists, helpful do-it-yourself building guides, construction details, and links to other resources that will help you to build your very own shed.

Shed Building Plans



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